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Hello, lazy programmer!

Here you can create files for Realm database for your android project with a single click

You just need a JSON which describes the structure of your data. 


I've just added ObjectiveC support. I'm not working with this language so I'm not sure if everything works fine and meets good standards. I'll be grateful for any feedback.
Tools that you might also find useful:
compare JSONs clear JSON

Paste JSON here:

detect date in text fields INFO

For android project:

Package name (its optional because Android Studio can add it automatically)

and if you are using GSON in your android project:

add @SerializedName("...") annotations

use classes RealmInt and RealmString for primitive arrays
(you need then custom gson adapter like this)

Generate code to copy (below) OR Generate code as files (ZIP)

You can use this website in all its glory for free:). If it helped you or save some of your valuable time and you feal the need to share same pennies then go on;). This will probably result in adding of swift and objective C support too.

Some help


Design a structure of your data in JSON. Or just get it from web service developer.


Use this website to generate java code.


Copy code to java class or download (and unzip) files and copy them directly* to Android Studio.

* this will add package name automatically